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Ellisys USB 3.0 Early Adopters Program

Ellisys is pleased to launch the USB 3.0 Early Adopters Program to support early adopters and assist in the development of protocol specifications for this exciting emerging high-speed interconnect technology. Program participants will benefit from premium support and specialized tools to help them test their protocol implementations.


  • Early access to Ellisys USB 3.0 tools
  • Premium support from Ellisys experts up to certification
  • Preferential access and discounts on future Ellisys USB 3.0 products


  • Test early and often with the right tools at the right time to save R&D time
  • Use a third-party protocol reference to verify your implementation
  • Maximize your success at testing events by being well prepared
  • Get up to speed with new specifications quickly, and stay up to date with changing specifications

Next Steps

Availability of this program is limited to ensure first class support to selected early adopters. Act now! Contact Ellisys to learn more about this program:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of company should participate to this program?
A: This program is targeted at companies that are, or will be, directly involved with the implementation of the USB 3.0 protocol at an early stage. Tools will be specifically created to match the needs of companies designing Integrated Chips, IP cores, CE products, software stacks and drivers.

Q: What do I get more precisely if I participate to this program?
A: You will get tools to help you with the debugging, performance optimization and compliance verification of your USB 3.0 implementation.

Q: My project is at early stage. Is the program beneficial to me?
A: This program is aimed at helping companies to start their USB 3.0 project quickly and schedule their efforts efficiently. Ellisys experts will help you to get accustomed to the specification and to keep you up to date in this quickly changing environment. The tools we are offering also help to learn the protocol pretty quickly.

Q: Has Ellisys run a similar program before?
A: Ellisys provided a similar program for the WiMedia Platform and Wireless USB. As for the Seattle Bluetooth® Core Specification, Ellisys participates very closely to the elaboration of the specifications up to the final certification process and provides early adopters with the right tools at the right time. In the past, Ellisys customers have saved up to six months on their planned schedule.
You can find more information about WiMedia and Wireless USB early adopters at www.ellisys.com/technology/customers.php.

Q: What about confidentiality?
A: Ellisys frequently works closely with early adopters of emerging technology and clearly understand confidentiality requirements. The first step is to setup a mutual NDA between your company and Ellisys. Our standard mutual NDA is available here for review.

Q: What are the benefits of participating?
A: Your company likely gain a time advantage over your competitors. Project managers will be able to better define your R&D schedule and better organize what will be tested and how. Engineers will have the tools they need that help them in their day-to-day work.

Q: What is the cost of participating?

Ellisys does not charge a fee of any kind associated with the program.

Q: Do I need to be USB 3.0 contributor?
A: Yes, your company needs to be a USB 3.0 contributor in good standing to participate in this program. You can apply by following the instruction at:
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