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Ellisys unveils the USB Explorer 200

The USB Explorer 200 is built on the success of the USB Tracker 110, supporting USB 2.0 high-speed 480 Mbit/s analysis.

Geneva, Switzerland — 14th April 2004 — The complexity of USB 2.0 is now encouraging developers to become equipped with very powerful diagnostic tools. A protocol analyzer is an essential piece of equipment for the development and testing of USB peripherals. Ellisys unveils the USB Explorer 200 – a USB 2.0 protocol analyzer targeted at peripherals designers.

The USB Explorer 200 is an essential tool for developing USB peripherals, testing embedded systems or drivers, troubleshooting and learning the protocol. At a very attractive price, the Ellisys USB analyzer enables to reduce significantly development costs as well as the amount of time it takes to put a peripheral onto the market. Furthermore, using this product will improve the compatibility of peripherals, thereby reducing technical support costs.

The USB Explorer 200 is equipped with two connectors through which the user puts through a USB link for analysis. All the data transferred is sent in real time to a desktop or laptop computer. A software programme then decodes the data and prepares it for clear presentation for the user. The software interface is optimised for a quick understanding of the protocol: relevant information is instantly made available in a general overview, while the rarely used fields can be displayed at the simple click of a mouse button. Advanced users are able to enter into the protocol in more detail through several levels of abstraction, in textual or numerical form. To make reading easier, transactions meeting certain criteria can be masked or color-coded.

Combining unrivalled user-friendliness with many innovative functions, the USB Explorer 200 meets the requirements from the most demanding developers.

Price and offer
The USB Explorer 200 price is set at CHF 3'470.00, with the display software included. The Ellisys website details several software options to extend the analyzer's functionalities in order to cater for all user requirements. More extensive information is available at: www.ellisys.com/products/usbex200/buy.php.

Ellisys is offering a special discount of CHF 650 to customers who already own a USB Tracker 110. This offer is valid up to 31st July 2004.

Product photos
A high-resolution photograph can be downloaded from:

A screen shot of the software is available at:

About USB
USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a communication bus that enables up to 127 peripherals to be linked to a personal computer. Peripherals as varied as a mouse, speakers, a camera, a CD writer, a telephone or a handheld assistant can share the bandwidth of a single bus. For more information, please visit www.usb.org.

About Ellisys
Ellisys is a Test & Measurement Company developing Protocol Analysis Solutions for the Universal Serial Bus (USB). Ellisys' products help hardware, firmware, software and test engineers to streamline the life cycle of their USB subsystems. Its product range covers the most challenging requirements, from simple and cost effective tools to high end and fully featured equipment. For more information, please visit www.ellisys.com.

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